About EBI Exegi

EBI Exegi was founded and is led by professionals, with decades of technical, leadership, and management experience in the execution of onshore and offshore projects in the built environment, oil and gas, marine, and renewable energy sectors of the economy.

Experience – Our previous experience in the execution of civil, structural, geotechnical, and mechanical engineering projects of different shapes and sizes, enables us to meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

Engineering Skills & Expertise – In addition to engineering and design using routine hand calculations, theory, Codes and Standards, we can deploy the numerical modelling technique using finite element analyses for the design of complex systems and components in industrial applications. Our clients can benefit from over three decades experience & expertise, undertaking linear and non-linear Finite Element Analyses of Structural & Mechanical Systems and Components for general static and dynamic loads for various structural forms in concrete, steel, composite, and fibre-reinforced plastics.

Customer Focus – Our brand is designed to provide solutions and address problems ranging from simple domestic buildings to complex projects for customers and end-users.

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Our experience, competencies, and expertise in the area of engineering, design, and implementation are derived from combined years of delivering project to clients, at different stages from concept through to recycling and re-use.

We deploy the unique blend of experience in the built environment, onshore, and offshore industries, to engender innovative and transformative engineering and design;  to create solutions and address problems in the energy, construction, and Infrastructure sectors.

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We utilize the latest digital tools and technologies in support of our various customer organizations. Through total engineering and design approach, we are able to objectively validate compliance with customer specifications, International Codes, Standards, and Recommended Practices.

Our solutions take into consideration the elements of asset total life cycle management, as contained in ISO 55000-55002 (Plan, Design, Procure, Build, Operate, Maintain, Reuse/Recycle.

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