Solar Solution Design

Aerial view of solar panels on factory roof.

As residential/domestic and commercial clients in the UK embrace solar installation as an alternative source of power, it is imperative that they have some understanding of solar technologies, such as solar panels, batteries, and inverters. Below highlights some of the key considerations necessary to have an optimised solar design solution. Use the correct location irradiation […]


Monitoring surveys record and measure the movement or deformation of buildings and infrastructure (bridges, telecommunication towers and masts, dams, etc) across a broad range of projects. A monitoring scheme can help identify any potential issues within a structure and allow a plan of possible strengthening, modification, and repair schemes to be established, before further problems […]


ebiex engineering design 1

Understanding the Principle of Continuity and Compatibility in Finite Element Modelling and Analyses Finite element analyses are commonly adopted in undertaking analyses of complex structural and mechanical systems and components. There exists a preponderance of trainers in the public space, providing training on the use of several commercial software. Although most of the trainers may […]

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