Clive Gould

Consultant, Civil/Structural Designer

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Clive Gould is Consultant Civil/Structural Designer with extensive experience in all aspects of Civil and Structural Designs. He has acted as a Lead Civil/Structural Designer and Subject Matter Advisor, running multinational team of designers producing engineering solutions in challenging conditions, for several engineering construction and infrastructure projects.

He has been working in the building/construction industry for more than 40 years. The range of projects he has been involved in include but not limited to water and sewage treatment works, desalinization plants, desulphurization plants, power plants, incinerator structures, offshore platform structures, petrochemical plants, gas terminals, mining, tunneling, copper smelting, copper refining, gravity dams, railways, bridges, immersion tube tunnels, jacked tunnels, stadiums, and multistorey structures.

He has considerable experience in the preparation of general arrangement drawings, Reinforced Concrete detailing, prestressed concrete detailing, structural steel detailing, pipe support design, and detailing for underground services. He can produce drawings both manually and using CAD systems.

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